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Some Tampa Bay Real Estate Agents offer Discount Fees and You usually wind up with Discount Service and Marketing. Your Tampa Bay Home might remain on the Market for an extended period of time. The time and expense involved for the Listing Agent who is promoting Your Home might be spread among a dozen or more Discount Listings. Everybody saves!  Right??? Wrong ! ! !

You only save when Your Property is Sold. You'll be paying property taxes and other expenses while your real estate sits on the market. The other property you want to buy...may get sold before you can make an offer. Every Tampa Bay Real Estate Seller wants to save money while getting superior service. This we understand and truly respect.

If you're a potential seller, then you've probably done your homework and contacted numerous Tampa Bay Real Estate Agents. You invited them over to view the property and to consult with you. Some of the sales pitches were probably excellent and some might have needed fine tuning. In the back of your mind you wanted to know, or you might have asked directly - What is the commission? How much will I have to increase the listing price to cover the commission? The law states that all commissions are negotiable and cannot be fixed. A fair negotiable commission structure for all concerned is our objective.

We market your property on the internet in every example.
One Example: We market your property on the internet on multiple highly ranked web sites and in the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service. If we find the buyer who closes on your listing, the total commission is 3.5%
Over 85% of homebuyers shop online before requesting a showing and making a deal, up from 41% in 2001. (Source: Business week magazine). To enter real estate in the Multiple Listing System (MLS) compensation must be offered to other agents to expose the listing to their buyers.
If another agent brings in the buyer
the total commission on the sale is 6%.

List/Buy Package - You must list your property with us and agree to purchase your next property with our representation. You'll receive a closing bonus of 10% of our commission as a closing bonus on your purchase.

Note-  We do not accept every listing. Likewise, you do not accept every listing presentation
Some examples - Asking us to generously overprice the listing. Putting severe restrictions on showing the property to potential buyers. Making unusual demands about marketing the property. Misrepresentations about the property condition, etc.

We guarantee everything we say. Here's a Check List for your consideration and comparison.
1- We'll make an appointment to take a tour your property and then leave. We will not use any sales tricks or pressure to get you to list with us. We'll then get our Team together and go over a Value analysis of your property. Members of the Team that are specialists in the type of property you are selling are consulted for recommendations and assistance. Remember, we strictly limit the amount of listings we accept to properly and personally serve our clients.

2- We call you and give you our Value Analysis Marketing and Price Range for your consideration. We'll answer all questions and anticipate your input and suggestions. If we decide that we have a working relationship, then we'll make another appointment to finalize the listing agreement. Before you sign any agreements with us we'll put all the details in writing for you to review.

3- Maximum Property Value Analysis through Comparable Market Sales. In plain English that means-
We'll search the records of similar type Tampa bay real estate sales to find out what similar property sold for and recommend an opening Listing Price Range. We'll personally walk thru your property to look for items that potential buyers might notice as negative and offer advice on eliminating them. We then recommend you contact a licensed appraiser - for an appraisal.

4- We'll take Digital photos to highlight your property and to use to send to out of town buyers and place on our web sites on the internet. We'll also cross promote your property with photos in a variety of mediums.

5-  We'll use the huge power of the Tampa Bay Real Estate Multiple Listing System (MLS) to expose your property to thousands of other Tampa Bay Realtors and their buyers...after an agreed upon marketing campaign to personally secure a buyer.

6-  We'll aggressively market your property on numerous web sites. Thousands of visitors (potential buyers) will be exposed to your property. It takes only one of them to decide to buy your property. These days, more than 85% of homebuyers shop online before requesting a showing and making a deal, up from 41% in 2001. (Source: Business week magazine).

7- We'll keep in touch with you and notify you with timely progress reports. We'll contact you immediately with any and all offers. We'll always be available for you via phone and email, 7 days a week.

8- We'll place a professional sign on your property and a Lock Box, as appropriate.

9- We'll Email your listing information to other Real Estate Agents and to over 3000 Agents at our Own Office.

10- We offer you a 100% Service Guarantee. We place our priorities with yours. We'll do everything possible to sell your real estate for top dollar, as fast as possible. If at any time you're unhappy with our services, just let us know. If we cannot rectify the situation, you can ask to cancel the listing agreement.

12- We'll tour your property to identify items that could negatively affect your selling price. Many of our findings could bring as much as $10 in extra sales price for every $1 you invest. We'll supply you with a checklist of strategies designed to "position" your home to sell for the most money possible.
Sellers consider this: Every year over 9 million vacationers visit the Tampa Bay area and thousands become residents. The Internet is a world wide medium reaching potential buyers "Before they Arrive." Our web sites attract tens of thousands of visitors every week. Our Team " pre-approves potential buyers and e-mails photos and descriptions of Tampa bay real estate that meet their requirements.

They're offered discount hotel and air fare rates on our travel site All Tampa

When they arrive to inspect properties- it's a serious "Second Appointment" for Our Home Sellers.
Contact us for a free/no obligation market value analysis. We'll provide you with all the information you need. We'll research your area, gather specifics on recently sold property, discuss trends, and answer questions you have about the value of your real estate ... with the market facts.

Selling your real estate is probably the most important financial transaction you will ever make. That's why we take our business so seriously. Our dedication to selling your property is our number one priority.

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