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The TopTeam Process : We work at your pace and not ours - we'll do an intensive search from your criteria

Even If you're considering a Permanent Residence Condo, it's still an Investment that you may one day decide to sell.
When you agree to Our Buyer Representation - We'll search and supply you with all available Rental Histories and comparable sales of similar units. The research analysis
will be used in an effort to negotiate the Sellers Asking Prices down.

The condos that offer lower rental periods allow more rentals per season, so they tend to be the best revenue producers. Generally they range from 7 to 30 days and sometimes as high as 90 day lease terms. Anything on or near the water is a good investment, as vacationers prefer to be near the water. Gulf Beach Property is the first choice, but more expensive... followed by intracoastal property with Gulf Access by boat. The return on the investment is not just based on revenue. The tax advantages, appreciation, offsetting of vacation costs and personal preference all enter into an "investment" decision.

There are times that we search outside your criteria based on our knowledge of the market and Email you properties you may have overlooked. We give you our input. You give us your input. You make the choices, as you direct the search. We would rather present you with ....More than you anticipated....then Less. A wider search many times pulls up an overlooked gem.

Also take note that The Team will never try to push our listings. In fact we do not have any listings now. We only take listings when our Local Buyer has a property to sell first.

The Team will intensify the search from your criteria and analyze available Rental Histories & Comparable Sales of similar units for Negotiating on Asking Prices.
We have access to Every Tampa Bay Area Listing. We'll use our proprietary software to do a general search of all properties within your specified parameters and e-mail the photos and descriptions to you. You can then identify the properties that you have an initial interest in and email the MLS numbers back to us. We then do a detailed search on all the properties and report back to you.

We investigate how many days the properties have been on the market. Were the asking prices reduced or increased in the last 6 months? How many times were the properties were listed in the last 2 years and at what asking prices? We compare pricing of similar properties and sales data. Our Team analyses all the information and discusses all possibilities. We then have a realistic idea of how much negotiating room we have when you decide to visit and inspect any of the properties. Our Homework pays off. Many times we negotiate from 6 to 10% and more in savings through our extensive research and negotiations on your behalf.

(Local buyers - or Vacationers take note)
Remember, If you call on a sign or speak with the selling agent they represent the Seller and not you. Our fee comes from the selling commission that the Sellers would normally keep, so in reality you are not paying for our services and you are receiving exclusive representation. That's a brief description of our commitment to personally representing you.

For buyers who want more permanent neighbors. There are many Condos that are 90 to 180 day Leases, some that don't allow leasing and others that are 55+.
Let us know your preference. Even If you're buying a Permanent Residence Condo, it's still an Investment that you may one day decide to sell.

We are normally asked specific questions from sellers agents and builders regarding our buyers. We do not reveal your motivation or any other information that would hinder our negotiations on your behalf. I think you can appreciate why we represent you exclusively and post the Law on Representation on all our sites

We Represent Buyers and have access to Every Tampa Bay Area Listing.

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