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Our Team does comprehensive research for Buyers, before negotiating against Listing Agents Asking Prices
You must be pre approved for a loan for greater negotiating.  Free Credit Report Available
Do some calculations and know in advance what your payments and potential average return might be.
Sale Price $200,000  Down Payment $40,000 (20%)  Interest rate 6.0%  Loan Time 30 Years Monthly Payments $959.28


$185,000 Direct Gulf Front Investment Condo
- Low End Approximate Annual Return $33,000
Example of one unit with the HIGHEST rental fee - MLS #7098336 List Price:$185,000 Direct Gulf Front Investment Condo
17100 Gulf Blvd #114 N Redington Beach. We talked to listing agent for some of the information below..We used low end figures for the ball park estimates.

$13,000 to $16,000 gross income....35% rental management fees - We asked if that fee was negotiable...they said it was not negotiable, even if you bring in your own renters.
$13,000 X 35% = $4,550 Deduct from $13,000 Equals  ....Appx Gross Income $8,450

15 to 30% Appx Appreciation for Gulf Front Investment Condo in Pinellas County in the last 3 years (no guarantee it will continue at that pace)  Assuming bought at the full asking price - 15% X $185,000 = $27,750 annual

Monthly Maintenance Fee: $268 X 12 = $3216
$27,750 + $8,450 = $36,200  minus annual maintenance fee $3,216 =
Approximate Annual Paper Return $33,000
Ball park figures - does not include your tax benefits, if any. Consult with your accountant for setting up any S corp or LLC etc
There are some property managers that may negotiate the rental fee if you directly bring in the renters
You can advertise the Unit for your direct rental negotiations > Click Here
For Two buyers we represented and are advertising their units. If you want their feedback....we'll send you their contact info.
$275k On Beach Overpriced- previously at 170k 190k and 210k increased every time there was an offer. The seller refused to accept any of them and increased price each time - Annual Rental income in 2004 was $5,444.00
Sales History: Date: 10/08/2003 Sale Price: $90,000
Must walks one block past outdoor bar and restaurant to gulf beach. Parking is outside the complex. We shall keep an eye on this and others that are overpriced to see just how HOT and uninformed some buyers are IF it gets sold at those prices.

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