Pasco County Florida is just north of Pinellas County

A prime example of waterfront homes with more "bang for the buck" for potential real estate buyers is Gulf Harbors in New Port Richey.

This developed waterfront community contains a variety of well priced waterfront homes with direct Gulf access.

You'll find lower asking prices than neighboring Pinellas County directly to the south.

Gulf Harbors is a prime example of a boating waterfront community on the west coast of Florida. Located in New Port Richey it consists of several subdivisions.

There is direct access to the open Gulf in just a few minutes. It was constructed with parallel canals with an average depth of from 10 to 35 feet. The backyards of the homes along each side of each street have private seawalls, docks, boat lifts and even some swimming pools.

Gulf Harbors canals and channels are not typical to Florida. They were not dredged of dirt or muck but were dynamited out of limestone bedrock. That process allows the rock bottoms of the canals and channels to allow a continuous exchange of water with the changes in tides from high to low with the surrounding open Gulf of Mexico.

These homes are actually considered to be on the Gulf of Mexico. Note the map.

The area is well developed with all the numerous shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, parks, recreation...etc. Since its incorporation in the year 1924, the city is most recognized for its cultural heritage and unique riverfront landscape. New Port Richey is approximately thirty miles northwest of Greater Tampa.

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